Have you been tired for a while?
Do you worry all day long?
Do you sleep badly?

Recognizable complaints? Then consider Running Therapy.

Running Therapy …. for me? Yes, also for you.

You might think, “I’m not an athlete” or “I don’t have the body for running” or “I don’t like running”. Even then, I invite you to give it a try. You’ll be with me and other clients who want to feel better and also never thought of running as an activity for them. While I cannot guarantee to get rid of all your complaints, I can ensure that you will gain energy, relax easier, worry less and because of this, sleep better.

My name is Geert Neelen and I am a driven and experienced running coach. I support people like you with my company Runningtherapie Rijnland. I know from my own experience how important running can be when you are not feeling well mentally. And what if you don’t like running? Even then, it can help you. You will appreciate it as a medicine even though sometimes you will not like it – just like medicine. It is worthwhile to you als long as it helps, without side effects.

There is growing evidence that running helps with depression, burnout, anxiety attacks and misunderstood muscle and joint pains.

Does the above appeal to you?

Then I would like to invite you for a talk. Call, email me, or send me a WhatsApp message to make an appointment free of charge.

We will explore whether running can also be something for you.

About running therapy

Running Therapy is the use of a gentle endurance run to help people relax. Through physical exertion you release the overloaded brain and you become more in balance. You are consciously working with your body as running releases important substances that help with permanently reducing your complaints. The goal of Running Therapy is that you can independently run for at least haf an hour, three times a week, at a leisurely pace. This will give you more energy, improve your condition, and you will sleep better.

Running Therapy is often used in addition to medication or other forms of therapy. Sometimes you can even reduce medication by adding running to your life. This is always done in consultation with your doctor.

Is running therapy right for me?

Sometimes your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist will indicate that Running Therapy would be okay for you to try. You can also contact me directly. I always do an extensive intake to see whether physical exertion in the form of running is suitable for you.

 In some cases, I may refer clients to their (general) doctor for a medical check-up and/of further consultation.

About running therapy
About me

About me

My name is Geert Neelen. I Iive in Oegstgeest with my friend Marc. In 2021, I followed the training as a Running Therapist. I am member of the Dutch Professional Association for Running Therapy.

In 2015 I graduated from the Dutch Athletics Union as a certified Running Trainer. Guiding people is my passion. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing. I have experience as a teacher, trainer, and manager.

My offer

A Running Therapy program with me consists of the following:

  • A no-obligation exploratory personal talk at no costs.
  • An intake combined with a test run. I will explore whether running is appropriate for you; and we will set goals for the therapy. The intake cost is € 50.
  • 12 weeks with 1 supervised training per week of approximately 1 hour in a group of minimum 2 and maximum 4. You will do the same training yourself each week. The costs of this training are €300. it is also possible to do the program with individual guidance. Then the cost is € 600.
  • An evaluation at the end of the program with personal advice to continue running responsibly. No cost.

The following conditions apply:

  • A series of 12 weeks is necessary for a responsible build-up of running. Once a week you will train on your own.
  • Good, personal tailored running shoes that have been advised bij a specialized running store are essential. Running shoes must not be older than two years.
  • Training sessions will be at Leidse Hout or Kasteel Poelgeest. Later we can go to the dunes near Katwijk.
  • After each session you email me a completed short log. I can then possibly adjust the new training based on your experience.
  • The costs of the intake and of the training sessions must be paid in advance.
  • There will be no refund if you stop the program prematurely. However, you can pause the program for a maximum of 3 months and then start again. After three months, the remaining training sessions expire.
  • I like to make a tailor-made offer for all other forms of guidance.
  • I am exempted from VAT because of the Small Business Scheme (KOR).

Does the above appeal to you?

Then I would like to invite you for a talk. Call, email me, or send me a WhatsApp message to make an appointment free of charge.

We will explore whether running can also be something for you.